The Dark Lantern - Deals Made

Tsura Boji

Heart’s Desire: Wished to be set on the path of freedom from the dragon’s curse.
Price: The death of Andre Bercello and retrieval of a specific ring.
Received: The location of her dragon, Narloth: The Land of Ash. And a potion which would aid her…

Raphael du Basarac
Heart’s Desire: To Defend Creation Against Existential Threats
Price: Exactly One Half His Remaining Life
Received: The Following Information

  • After the last world perished in ash, there became three great powers guiding and guarding Creation:
    The Imperium guards the middle world
    The Technocracy guards the upper world
    The Illuminati guard the lower world
  • After the War of Ra, one world was split into three
  • The Imperium has access to devices to save Creation which put the devices of the ancient Solomon Empire to shame
  • The next step: pass into the lower world.
  • The Creation Disrupton Detector (CDD) can detect transit points between the worlds
  • Tol Rouko may know something of the other worlds
  • Only a fully active Ascension holds the key to Yggdrasil
  • Defending Creation is likely to attract more of the Imperium’s attention
  • Ships entering the “veil” separating the worlds enter a fog and reappear at another point in the opposite veil, presenting the illusion of circumnavigation

Takeda Shingen

Crossing the threshold of the Black Lantern is not what I expected. After a short wait I am escorted to the Master.

After so many months without hearing a civilized tongue and now this! My heart’s desire. My never ending shame. Tea properly served and by one with such beauty. My thoughts grow bold until I learn of her name….Nazomi Koriami, 4th Empress of Lannet. I am awed and humbled by her presence. I reveal my desire to see Rembrandt gone. Not just killed for his crimes but obliterated from existence, his soul dust in the wind never to be reborn.

She tells me that she cannot “magically” grant my wish, but will furnish information to make it so. She tells me that all wishes are an arrow through time. I will be able to find a weakness, a tear between worlds that leads to oblivion that I might “push” Rembrandt through, but I must be ready to face the dragon he is sworn to. If only I will take her to see Seline. I am suspicious for I know that Seline is hiding and trusts me not to reveal her presence to anyone. I humbly beg for time to check with Seline. As we part she tells me that Tsura’s man has information about Ascension.

I dream of our friend and am instantly transported to the island of dreams, her hiding spot. Seline is willing to meet at a neutral location if the Empress is willing to swear upon her name and power to not bring harm to her.

The Dark Lantern - Deals Made

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