Key to Death's Door

Malebolgium Dragon Bone Ring


Casts Spectral Form on wearer. Free action to turn on, can only be turned off at the start of a new turn.

Wearer must start making Physical Resistance Roll at the start of each turn. Difficulty starts at Easy (40), jumping one difficulty category each turn after.

Failing a Physical Resistance roll condemns the user to spectral form. Unless something is done to reverse the matter, in one week the wearer will be absorbed into the ring.


Crafted by inhuman hands, this ancient dragon bone ring is etched with the symbols for death, passage and lock. Always cold and damp to the touch, the ring gives off the fetid smell of the grave.

With a sharp quarter turn towards the heart, the ring rips the body of the wearer inside out, giving rise to a life hungry specter. A similar turn of the black band of necromantic energy on the specter’s finger, returns the user to his normal state.

Legends warn of users consumed by the ring if they spend to much time in the specter’s form.

Key to Death's Door

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