Anima - Into the Shadows

Woe is me...

Once again the men have proven why they need a woman in the group. Raphael attempts to break down the door by hitting it, which fails miserably only to then realize that the gate can be lifted. We enter the Citadel of Wrath to find Woe standing on a platform across the courtyard. We have arrived too late it seems. The ground shakes and starts to crack as the Magma Lord erupts from the ground. And so the fight begins…
Soren and Taro went straight at the Scientist. The two of them combined overcame the Scientist and took him down relatively quickly. With the Scientist down Taro went after Woe with Raphael, Vito, and Jericho. Where Soren jumped straight into the magma pit and started to fight the Magma Lord in hand to magma combat. The molten magma didn’t seem to affect Soren at all. At the same time somehow Raphael stabbed himself and seemed to do damage to the Magma Lord. I flung fire mines at Woe trying to knock him off balance to let Taro and the others land solid strikes against Woes incredible defenses. When finally out of the shadows Akeem came running past me heading straight at Woe. He was spectacular! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone fight as fervently and as well controlled as Akeem was! Even now I can close my eyes and I can see him jumping effortlessly across the 20 foot gap to enter hand to hand combat with Woe. And then, flowing from one marvelous stance to another intercepting numerous blows aimed at my allies and inflicting grievous harm to Woe. This is what Akeem told me happened as I, Tsura, was unconscious and bleeding from the head.


Leketh Nupie85

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