A State of Things

For centuries the Holy Empire of Abel watched over the world of Gaia. Its power and light illuminated the whole of the land. Keeping the forces of Darkness and the supernatural at by, the Empire ensured that the race of Man would be protected for all eternity.

That time is gone.

The Empire fails: petty squabbles and religious wars fragmenting this once great nation into lesser parts. Some nations, chaffing under Imperial rule since the beginning, have declared independence. Some seek to flee from the oppressive hand of the Church, while others take advantage of the weakening Empire for monetary gain.

The Christian Church, undermined by the works of a heretical Supreme Archbishop by the name of Eljerad, watches its power dissolve. As nations leave, so does the flock. Atheism, heresies and old religions spring up throughout the Old Continent, leaving some of the church to gasp in horror, while others scream for Crusade. The current Supreme ARchibishop, a pious man by the name of Magnus, watches from the Church’s citadel in Albidion, scrutinizing the future.

The supernatural has started to return in force, the Wake stirring in greater power than ever before. The twin swords that protected man from these forces now falter: Tol Rauko flounders as the Empire which is served fails, while the Inquisition of the Church fails as the individuals scramble for power in the organizations chaotic environment.

Some say it is the end of all things…

Some say it is a new beginning…

Some say that which was lost is returning…

Into this world, your heroes are rising. Fate has called them, but to what purpose.

Anima - Into the Shadows

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