Cicada-class Dimensional Disruption

Classification: Dancer
Information Source: Exalted Senator
Threat Rating: Medium-to-high lethality; approach with caution and preparation
Location: Beyond creation; extra-dimension tears in creation; known to work with Azure Alliance
Description: One of those known colloquially as a dancer, ‘she’ is a being from outside of creation and may be detected by tears in reality (see Creation Disruption Device for further information). They are difficult to perceive within creation, as their bodies tend to distort light and interfere with standard capabilities to perceive them. Physically, they are clad in a crystalline-like carapace with a weapon made of similar material, often a sword. Eventually, the carapace will begin to crack, at which point the fragile interior being of the creature will be exposed for a killing blow.
  • Extremely fast reactions

  • Master of weaponry

  • Capable of flinging shards of crystal-like substance at range

  • Capable of teleportation or ‘shunting’ through reality to cover great distances rapidly

  • Capable of imposing the ‘shunting’ ability to imprison others, attempting to suffocate them. This capability may be circumvented by brute strength.

  • Difficult to damage, but low endurance to damage that penetrates its crystalline armor.

  • Capable of drawing on ki techniques or similar capabilities.

  • Appear to have high magic resistance or other capability of resisting the influences of Creation.
Reccomended Tactics: Should a Cicada-class individual make their presence known, their elimination should be of utmost priority. Powerful blows can shatter and penetrate their crystalline armor, and cause pain and discomfort to the individual. Due to their quick reflexes, advanced weaponry, master swordsmanship, and extreme mobility, all assault team members should be prepared to fend off attacks from all angles. Due to superhuman capabilities, binding magic, wounds, or other hindrances are of great benefit.

Cicada-class Dimensional Disruption

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