Anima - Into the Shadows

Should we really be following a sword?

After collecting Taro’s sword from Tovias, it was a fairly simple decision to continue on after Diagon. Looking back on things, we probably should have stopped and gotten some help for Tsura. Ah well, hindsight is 20-20 or so they say.

Taro’s sword seemed to have a link to Diagon. At least while holding the sword, he said he could feel it pulling him toward the middle of the city. And as crazy as it sounds, I believe him. It certainly wouldn’t be the strangest thing that’s happened recently. Anyways, we followed the sword’s leading to a sewer entrance near the center of the city.

As we neared the sewer, a worried looking priest approached Raphael and pulled him aside. The priest only said a few words to him, but Raphael nodded, turned to us and wrote that he was needed elsewhere. He would meet with us later. He and the priest quickly departed.

The sewer’s entrance grate was gone; a gaping hole with what could have been melted metal at the sides. Soren dryly commented that the last time the hole had been much smaller. Talk about a propensity for saying things I didn’t need to hear.

Tsura mentally created a flame to give us some light and Taro set off through the sewers, leading us toward what felt to me to be certain doom. After only a few minutes of walking, we found him. Sitting in the corner of a large room, Diagon looked at us and smiled as if he was expecting us.

His small head looked terribly out of place on his incredibly obese body. Slime, or something, poured off his body like sweat. With surprising dexterity for his size, he turned to the wall and carved a large piece out with hands of acid. Turning he threw the piece of the wall at us in greeting. Poor Tsura was the only one who didn’t manage to jump out of the way.

Glancing around to see how the others had fared, I noticed that Soren had disappeared into the shadows. A brief heartbeat later, he re-emerged next to Diagon and struck him with his sword. A chill washed over me as I saw bulging flesh start to mend itself almost immediately.

I was relieved as Taro appeared at his other side and cut through him with Burden. Wherever he struck the skin burned and smoked, giving us hope that we stood a chance against this demon.

Muttering under my breath “Time to see what you’re made of,” I mentally reached out to see his matrices. What assaulted my senses I will not describe, but I will never forget. Turning away, I retched violently. As I tried to collect myself and shake off what I had just seen, I saw Diagon swing out and grab Soren by the arm. Had I not just emptied my stomach, I would have as his arm was ripped at the shoulder. With a scream, Soren slumped to the ground, unconscious.

In rapid succession, Tsura cast a spell, boiling the fat covering Diagon, I channeled all the anger I had toward him to shut down his senses, Kupo appeared and attacked, and finally Taro removed his head from his shoulders.

After Jekhar had stabilized Soren’s shoulder, we returned to the Nox family’s home. They quickly sent for expert medical care. After the doctor had finished, Marius presented us with tokens from the Nox trading guild that we could use to gain help in our fight against The Order of the Dying Light. We thanked him and returned to our rooms, exhausted.

Seemingly as soon as we fell asleep, we all awoke to find ourselves back on the island with Seline. She was dying to know what had happened. We briefly told her of our encounter with Diagon and she seemed pleased at the outcome. As she wished us well against the remainder of The Order of the Dying Light, I turned to see a crow staring at me. Upon closer examination, it was not a real crow, but some sort of mechanical construct. I felt as if I had seen it before, but could not place where. As the dream faded, I heard it whisper, “Soon Nikolai, soon…”

Ball of Steel

An uneventful night ended with news of another attack, another murdered child. I decided to go to a safe house and see what they could tell me about this thing we’re hunting, while Taro and Nikolai went to the ship we’ve been hearing about and Raphael went to the where the latest child had been murdered.

I hate dealing with Nephilim, you never quite get what you ask for and you end up paying for it later… I should know, I am one. A guy I’ll call Bug-Eyes was able to find some information I needed. This creature, Dagon, is going to be harder to kill than we thought. I may have to get out now and leave these fools to their suicide mission, I don’t know if the pay is worth it.

At the crime scene Raphael found Father Joshua who was able to give him information showing that there had been far more child murders than had been released to the public. He also found that the creature was using the city sewers to move around the city quickly. Great, not only do they want to fight this thing, they want to crawl around in filth to get to it first.

Taro and Nikolai found the boat, the Surly Dragon, in the harbor. On board wasn’t much. They found the ships log with information Taro was looking for. The ship was paid to go to Lannet and then to Brudge but had to land at Eburah due to a storm. They found that the captain, a man named Tovias had a residence in the city and decided to check it out. When they got there they thought that there was a little too much for them to handle on their own, so they came and got the rest of us.

We went back to Tovias’ place in force. A fight ensued and I was wounded… badly. It ended in a blood-bath as it always seems to do with this lot and Taro got a nice, big shiny sword. It’s too big for my tastes but I don’t have to swing it. Tovias was killed along with all of his men. Inside Tovias’ place we found letters with a man called Rembrandt and something called the “Order of the Dying Light” that reference creatures that have been released, but not enough for “Master” to escape, whoever that’s supposed to be. Whatever, with Taro’s new shiny sword we can supposedly kill Dagon, let’s get it over with…

On the Trail
The Albino Giant

When we arrive at the port in Eburah, we are stopped by a sea gate and blockade. Jehkar, Nikolai, Taro, and Soren decided to approach the gate and negotiate entrance into the city. They found out that an “albino giant” has murdered 14 children and is still at large. Taro listens to the story and is convinced he can help and offers our assistance. Marius Knox, a council member whose son was killed, brought to light the killings and convinced the authorities to find the giant. Once in the city we made our way to the Knox residence to offer condolences and search for clues as to what happened. The lady of the house, Minerva, offered us a place to stay as thanks for offering our services to find her sons killer. Minerva told us that her son was playing with his sister when he was killed and the girl was saved by the guards entering the room.
After being shown our rooms, Rafael left for the church, Soren and Taro searched the gardens for clues, while Jehkar, Nikolai and I stayed in the rooms. For some reason Jehkar felt he needed new clothes and had the most interesting fitting I have ever witnessed, actually the only fitting I’ve ever witnessed. Nikolai also was fitted for better clothes; although, he didn’t seem to enjoy the fitting as much as Jehkar. After their fitting, Jehkar and Nikolai ask Marius to speak with his daughter. They had come up with a plan that they believed would help the girl, and us. We met Marius and his daughter in the garden to talk. Jehkar began his psychological evaluation when Soren and Taro returned. Taro gave the girl the cherry blossom he received on the island. After a few moments the girl came to and told Marius that she was ready to go to bed. Nikolai informed us of what he learned from the girl. Soren tells us that he tracked the murderer to the sewer entrance on the other side of the wall for the estate. We post guards on the girls room and will track the killer in the morning.

The Stuff of Nightmares

Raphael just wanted a quiet, fast little ride to Gabrielle. “Travel the airship!” the signs said. “Make history!” the signs said. “Unsinkable above the sea!” the signs said.


And now he was on this island, far from his pilgrimage, far from the Order with some party of misfits and heretics who thought him some dumb brute. Gigantor. Big fella. Mongo. No respect for a man of the cloth in this group…

While he was still searching for the path that was right for him, Raphael had a good feeling that putting his fist through the nightmarish creature that had erupted from the body of the island’s marquee was at least a good start. His comrades, however misled, seemed to have the same feeling as they closed in.

Faster than Raphael could react, the Nightmare struck quickly at the hazy form of Soren as he approached from behind. Two screams were heard simultaneously: one from upstairs, as Jekhar helped to deliver a child on this forsaken island, near this forsaken creature…nothing good could come from that; second, the screech of pain through gritted teeth as Soren’s spleen was impaled on the Nightmare’s shadow-claws.

Rookie mistake, the giant thought. Protect yourself before you let anythin- A searing pain raked across Raphael’s stomach, and he realized a few things:

  • One, this was maybe a little tougher than he had anticipated. The enemies of the Church were numerous and powerful, and only those of true faith would persevere to triumph…
  • Two, this may be his last thought. He flailed wildly, focusing his faith into precise strikes just before slipping on his own blood and blacking out on the floor.

It seemed like everything became brighter. Heaven? Was this death? Big fella? You there? He heard. He opened his eyes. The tiny student from the ship was looking at him intently. So was his twin. And his triplet. They danced around in a circle before him before merging into one. Anyone home? The student’s eyebrows arched up as if he had asked a question.

Raphael thought to himself for a second, and then thought to someone else. I am here…in my head, he thought-spoke. The student’s eyes brightened. Very good! I am Nicolai, and over there, he nodded his head, is Jekhar, who bandaged up your abdomen. Quite lucky, I should think.

The group recuperated as best as possible, before meeting with the freed villagers. Each looked as if they had enjoyed their first night free of the evil influence of the marquee. “Anything in the Marquee’s home you wish to have is yours,” they offered.

The home was more vacant than Raphael would have imagined for the ruler of an island. A few dusty books here and there. A few stood out… One was a dark grimoire for teaching spellcraft, allowing the devil’s fingers to sink into the flesh of the world. He cast it into the fire with a grunt.

Two other books informed the group greatly about the nature of their enemy, one published by the Knights of Tol Rauko. Raphael looked them over, and summarized the facts in his head:

  • There existed an entire city, Graeven, of Nightmare-like creatures, and a storm was brewing as the self-proclaimed Lord of Nightmares consolidated his power to become king of Graeven and, therefore, master of all other Nightmare lords.
  • This city existed in a location known as The Wake. Some sort of purgatory…a place for souls in limbo. A perfect place for a devil to wheel and deal, most certainly…
  • Graeven was also mentioned as being in Moth. No details, no maps… The Knights likely did not want such information to become widespread.
  • These Nightmares were neither shades nor spectres, but something else entirely, and they gained power through manipulation of souls. A few footnotes, with hand-written contributions from an individual with a lazy scrawl, suggested that such creatures might even have souls, but this view appeared to be unpopular.

Raphael pondered the last point. Souls in such vile creatures…but wouldn’t some consider he, a man of the cloth, but one of Nonnatus’ children, a vile creature? Soulless? Father Alexias certainly thought so. Maybe souls weren’t solely for the humans…perhaps…maybe a more humble, accepting view of the world needed to be considered.

Without warning, Selene projected herself into the room with the adventurers. They conversed at lengths, about the nature of her imprisonment (she had been battling the Nightmare Emperor and his shadow army, and banished herself to the physical realm to recuperate), her true Nightmarish nature (status: confirmed), and what was to become of the Floros the marquee had wielded. Nicolai had taken custody of it after the fight, but it was a dangerous artifact, not to be idly trusted to creatures from the Nightmare realms…

A vote was taken. What are your thoughts? Nicolai thought-spoke to Raphael. Raphael ignored the question. Can you read my thoughts? See other things? I will not tolerate a violation of the sanctity of my own temple, Raphael said. No, came the reply. Only what you wish to communicate.
Raphael thought about this, and then shared his thoughts on the issue: I believe she is to be trusted. As long as it exists, her…soul…will be imprisoned within.
The response:You really believe she is to be trusted?
Some people deserve the benefit of the doubt, Raphael thought sadly. Some deserve a second chance.

After a vote, the Floros was returned to Selene, who promptly destroyed it. Prior to fading, she warned the group: “Beware, for you have made an enemy of ”/campaign/anima-holy-war/wikis/Raptor/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Raptor, and the crows are still watching…"

Selene, granting the group one last boon for her rescue, directed a shipping vessel of vagrants, pirates, and other unsightly seamen to the island. Jekhar and Nicolai booked passage for the group to Eburah. Finally receiving news from the outside world, it was discovered a civil war was brewing between the Azure Alliance and Abel. Near the port of Eburah, the tiny ship, the Ebon Daughter passed a floating boneyard where a mighty naval engagement had been decisively won…and based on the bobbing waterlogged bodies and burnt, salt-encrusted emblems on the rotting timber corpses that were once proud invincible warships, Abel’s naval might had been utterly crushed.

Why did it have to start raining?

Just after Jekhar, Soren, and I had reached the top of the cliff, it started pouring. Now, I’ve been outside in some pretty nasty rainstorms before, but there was something about this rain that just sapped the strength right out of me. Soren also seemed affected by the rain but for some reason, the rain just seemed to roll right off Jekhar. Soren looked up at the sky, shrugged, and started toward the ruins where Taro and Tsura had gone. I hurried to follow and Jekhar brought up the rear of our sad, wet little group.

It took us well over an hour to finally reach the ruins. When we entered the ruins, we could hear several people moving around in what looked to be a long chapel. As we walked into the chapel, I was surprised to not see Taro and Tsura, but Taro and the large priest from the airship. Even more shocking was the fact that the priest was up and walking around. It seems his leg had been healed as mysteriously as Taro’s wounds had been.

As he saw us, Taro called us over and introduced us to the priest. It turns out the reason Raphael had not spoken before was because he had no tongue. The thought of someone cutting out another person’s tongue would normally have sickened me, but with everything that had happened in the last two days, it didn’t really seem that strange any more.

Taro and the priest showed us what they had found around the chapel. At the front of the chapel was a towering triangular pillar that reached through the roof and up to a tower of some sort. Strange dials with letters and numbers adorned each side of the triangle. From the paths through the dust on the floor, it was fairly clear that there was some way to cause the pillar to open.

Off one side of the chapel was a small room, complete with creepy statues of things that looked almost human. Several of the statues looked to have been recently knocked over and shattered. In the center of the room hung an odd charm of some sort that seemed to be dripping. I didn’t pay close attention to it, there was something off about the room and I got out of there as quick as I could.

Off the other side of the chapel was a hallway that led right off the cliff into the sea. Before it led off the cliff, there was a room with a giant mosaic in the center of the room. The mosaic seemed to be a clue of some sort to how to open the pillar in the chapel. Always up for puzzle solving, I sat down and looked over the mosaic to try to make sense of it. Unable to make heads or tails of it, I was about to walk out when Soren walked in, took one glance at the mosaic and pointed out that 3 pieces of it corresponded to 3 of the statues in the other room.
We turned the dials to the names from the diagram and with a shudder the pillar opened revealing a stairway. As the group began walking up the stairway, I followed Raphael, feeling slightly safer now that my protector had returned.

The first thing I saw at the top of the stairs was the large metal coffin. It was identical to the ones that had been on the shipwrecked ship. I shuddered slightly as I saw the coffin was open and empty. A clanking of metal pulled my attention toward the ceiling and the hundreds of rusty hooks on chains hanging from it.

Taro pointed to the door on the far side of the room and told us there would be a little girl on the other side of the door; he had seen it in a dream. At the mention of a little girl, I looked over at Soren and Jekhar. They both looked surprised and Jekhar explained to the rest of the group about the girl we had heard talk to us on the ship.

With more confidence than I felt, I opened the door. Sure enough, inside the room stood what looked to be a little girl. It’s about time you got here, she said as we walked in. I’ve been waiting for you. Why didn’t you come sooner? A barrage of questions followed, coming from both her and from our group. Her name was Seline Luna and she had been in the coffin we found, bound there by the Knights of Tol Roko. Galael, who was now masquerading as the marquis, had released her only to trap her in this room and steal whatever power she had using The Flaros.

At one point during the questions, she reached out and touched me. With a shock I realized that I then knew the entire contents of the scroll regarding The Flaros and could understand the language it was written in. Eventually it became clear that something was keeping her from telling us who exactly Galael was working for, but it was clear that Galael was responsible for the terror that the village had been dealing with for the last few years.

When Taro asked her how we could defeat Galael, the nightmare, she asked for his katana. She sliced her hand and spread the blood along the blade. She said the blood coated blade would allow us to kill his corporeal form.

Selina begged us to retrieve The Flaros from Galael and return it to her so that she could release herself from the trap Galael had placed her in. We agreed that we needed to get The Flaros back from her, but none of us actually trusted that she was as benevolent as she portrayed herself.

We bid her adieu and left to return to town. After arriving in town, we went to the cemetery to see if Catherine would help us with the Marquis. Surprisingly, she immediately agreed to help us, as long as we would work to release the Marquis’ hold on the village. When we agreed, she said the first thing we needed to do was dig up Father Scott’s body.

At that point, I was especially glad that Soren and Raphael were around as I had no desire to dig up any body. In his coffin, they found a partially burned paper that detailed the Father’s suspicions of the Marquis and how the Father felt he was responsible for everything that had been happening to the island.

Catherine said we would be able to find the head of the guard, Zolt, at the inn with Miram. I couldn’t stand to think of what he might be doing to that poor woman. As we got close to the inn, 2 of his guards attempted to stop us from entering, but a quick glance at the resolve on our faces stopped them in their tracks. A slap rang out from inside the inn and we burst through the door to find Zolt grabbing Miram’s arm after apparently having been slapped by her.

Taro closed with Zolt and the two traded blows back and forth. Soren appeared from the shadows under one of the tables and joined the fight against Zolt. Their combined attacks quickly overwhelmed him. Raphael spun and punched through the wall next to the door, almost decapitating one of the guards with a single blow. The other guard, seeing what had just happened, turned and ran off into the night. Seeing Zolt fall, Miram started yelling at him and kicking him. Almost without thinking, I mentally reached out and went to remove her anger and help calm her. It felt like my head exploded as the warnings of Professor Greggory came flooding back to me. Always focus, never perform mental acts while distracted.

Although I had done nothing to calm her, Miram suddenly stopped kicking the now-dead Zolt. She grabbed her belly and collapsed to the floor with a scream of pain. Catherine and Jekhar hurriedly carried her upstairs to deliver her baby. I collapsed in a chair by the fire, head still throbbing. Taro, Soren, and Raphael worked to barricade the front doors and windows.

A short hour later, the Marquis’ carriage could be heard arriving outside the inn. He called in to us and offered to make this easy on us. We not-so-politely declined. The barricaded doors suddenly blew off their hinges and the Marquis walked up to the inn, 3 guards following close behind him.

As he walked up, wolves larger than Taro’s horses moved out of the forest toward the inn. Out of nowhere, several lions attacked the giant wolves and drove them back into the woods.

Remembering my professor’s warnings, I focused on one of the guards, finding the fear living deep inside him. I grabbed that fear and expanded it until it overwhelmed all his other feelings. He turned and ran toward the forest. The Marquis’ gaze snapped toward me and he smiled slightly. Then Taro, Soren, and Raphael closed on him and the fight began in earnest.

When Taro drew his katana, the Marquis stared at the blood on the blade. Where did you get that? Turning to his men, he shouted Burn this inn down! With naught more than a grim smile, Taro attacked. The ensuing chaos between the Marquis, Taro, Soren, and Raphael of them was unlike anything I had ever seen. In the time it took me to determine that the Marquis was mentally creating a massive effect of fear, Taro had sliced off his arm and stepped in for the final blow…

Godforsaken Island!

I can still remember being on the Airship bound for Abel. And I saw the Airship after awaking on this godforsaken island! So I know it was not all a dream.

The giant of a man who I saw lift an entire long table and throw across the serving hall lost his leg in the attack on the Captain of the Airship Guard. The man is, was, mute but I could see it in his eyes that he was telling us to, “just go, leave me here.” He has fought valiantly, but with the airship decending quite rapidly I didn’t have the time or the equipment to help him properly. So, leaving the giant we ran to the engine room where the disturbance was coming from. There was a “man” floating in midair in that blood drawn circle in the engine room. Upon closer inspection I could see that the circle was actually a bunch of symbols. The only symbols I could read were Portal and Fear. The “man” said something about witnessing his victory and the Island man with that crazy wardrobe drew his Katana and assailed him. I swear I only blinked and the floating decaying “man” dropped the Island man. Kupo tried to help but I didn’t even see the “man” flinch when Kupo hit it with the same blast I have seen drop grown Deer. Then, in a split second, I saw the entire front end of the Airship just shear away as though it had hit a wall in the air. I heard the floating “man” say, “This is impossible!” and everything went black.
I awoke on the fore mentioned island and that is when the real nightmare started! The Island man was awake and without a single scratch. I remember trying to see to some of the wounds he received when we had assaulted the Captain of the Airship Guard. The other man who sounds like he hails from the far north also was on the island and without a scratch! I don’t know how any of this is happening and I am not sure I like it. To make things worse all of our belongings were just up the beach under a tree, as though someone had taken the time to keep it safe and lay it there.
Remembering the map my father had in his study I could more or less only assume we had ended up on one of the islands just south of Helena of the Interior Sea. And by the shape of the island that I had a glimpse of while still aboard the Airship we are on Corvinus. Upon sharing my knowledge we made introductions. Nikolai told us of the one town on the Island of Corvinus and we made our way in that direction. Soren, is a plain dressed man from the far north with nothing that really stands out about him. Island man is Takeda Shingen, though he goes by Taro, a much simpler name. I would not like to come up against either man. Then there are Nikolai and Tsura, both have something about them that I can’t put my finger on but I can tell they can wield death. Not as openly as Taro or Soren but quite possibly just as dangerous. If these people have not yet seen my connection with Kupo I will have to keep it that way, for their safety and ours.
The ride to the town was pretty quiet after we made introductions. But, we made it to town none the less. The Mayor, Raymond, came up and greeted us on the beach. He is like any other mayor, portly. He showed us the tiny town and greeted us warmly telling us they have not had many visitors here for in quite a long time. He showed us and told us about the church burning down and Father Scott’s being inside when it occurred. At which time a nice lady by the name of Miriam, the Innkeeper, came up and introduced herself and offered us rooms at the Small Castle Inn. Upon finding out the next ship to come to town would not be there for another week we accepted. The 1/2 silver a night is well worth it. I have paid more to stay at lesser establishments, much more. Before long the Captain of the Island Guard came in and introduced himself as Zolt and informed us that the Marquee would like us to join him for dinner. We all graciously accepted, being such a small island, we don’t need to create any hostilities with the local rule by declining such an offer. Still only being midday, we were told, it was hard to tell with all the overcast, we all decided to get comfortable and take a look around town.
I went to speak to the Mayor about a few things. When I got there it was good to see children playing, for this entire place gives me an uneasy feeling. The Mayor was quite informative. He told me of the Climate change that appears to have affected everyone’s sleep, except that of Zolt and Katherine, which would account for everyone in town appearing to be sleep deprived, including the children. Also, that according to the rumors, the Marquee had been stationed here as a punishment for apparently sleeping with the daughter of a friend of the Prince of Kanon. But, that the Marquee definitely had feelings for Katherine, a local girl with whom he has had Zolt make many advances in his favor, all being quite unsuccessful. Also according to the rumors, the Marquee is also a Vampire. Ha! I just have to love city folk and their rumors. Just as I was finishing my conversation with the Mayor the carriage to take us to dinner had arrived.
Dinner was humorous, but quite uneventful. The Marquee has quite the sense of humor. The Marquee more or less welcomed us all to the Island and we enjoyed a wonderful feast. I don’t think either Nikolai or Tsura has ever had a meal like it. They definitely showed the manners indicting as much. The Marquee told us again if the church being burned down and Father Scott being inside when it occurred, and that they had sent many requests to the Vatican to have it rebuilt and a replacement for Father Scott. This all happened two years ago and yet they still wait.
When we returned to the Inn while everyone else went in, something drew me to the cemetery. Upon leaving the light of the village I saw a figure leaving the cemetery grounds. When it turned to me I saw the white block collar under its chin. I called after it and it beckoned me to follow. As to why I did I don’t think I will ever know! Kupo was definitely screaming in my head that this was a BAD IDEA! When I came closer I could see candles burning and the figure praying. When I reached the doorway the figure stood and approached me, decaying as he did. Uttering, “Truth. Darkness. Everything bound in my hands.” When it was right in front of me it shattered into charred paper and scattered everywhere. I immediately gathered my wits and ran as fast as I could back to my room at the Inn. That was definitely a bad idea, I don’t think I have ever had a worse night’s sleep, if I slept at all!
In the morning Miriam greeted us all with a delicious breakfast. Her eyes were puffier than they were yesterday as though she had been crying all night. Thinking of the dream I had I could not refrain from asking her if she any dreams, after she answered with every night I asked if they were good. She told us that she hadn’t had a good dream in two years, ever since a great storm caused a ship to run up on the reef on the North side of the island. That is when Taro asked about Cherry Blossoms, quite out of nowhere if you ask me. But, I was surprised to hear that there was actually some on the north side of the island. So, we asked for some rations for the road and we all headed North in search of a wrecked ship and some Cherry Blossoms.
We found the ship easy enough, at the bottom of a cliff and about 150’ out on the reef. When Nikolai, Soren and I decided to climb down Taro saw to the East what appeared to be ruins and his Cherry Blossoms. So he and Tsura headed that direction. After Nikolai and Soren helped me to decend the cliff face we made our way to the ship. Getting aboard was quite simple thanks to the giant hole in the side of the ship. This ship was used by the Knights of… Their symbol was shown everywhere, and the ship had quite the library. Since the ship had wrecked here years before the moisture had damaged and destroyed all the books. Upon further investigation we discovered what we feared. This ship was carrying something dark and dangerous. When I walked into the giant metal room that appeared to hold the evil being I could not even contact Kupo. And, from out of nowhere we all three heard a child’s voice, telling us that we were in the wrong place, that she was waiting at the ruins Taro and Tsura had went toward. I read Galael inscribed on the empty stand and left the room and to hear Kupo yelling for me. It was a relief to hear Kupo again! We had to get to the Captains chambers to see what else this ship had been carrying and quickly so we could meet up with Taro and Tsura! The Captains chambers were thoroughly ransacked. We were just lucky enough to find an old parchment that Nikolai read and told us that it referred to the equipment in that metal room. The equipment was a device from the War of Ra and was used to take the powers from the evil being and grant them to the controller.
We ran back to the cliff face and for whatever reason my two companions were not having as easy a time climbing up as they were when they helped me to climb down. So, it took us longer to climb up than expected but we made it and we ran to catch up to Taro and Tsura.

Airship Fistfight or How to Dance a Jig with One Leg

Spring, Year of the Rat

After traveling under the disguise of Taro the Ronin, I have followed their trail to the country of Gabriel. Spirits! But these barbarians are a smelly lot. I do not think they believe in bathing. Anyway I have booked passage on one of these new airships bound for Archangel in Abel. It will be disturbing to say the least. A man’s place is on the back of a good horse, not in the air. At least I have a private cabin.

I get many a strange look as I board. You would think they are more familiar with the Eternal Empire in this land of merchants. I get settled into my cabin and unpack for the trip when the evening meal is announced. I make my way to the dinner area and select a place where I can watch the other diners. It takes some time, but finally I find some food that I think I recognize. My cautious nature pays off tonight as I have barely started my meal when armed guards enter the room and shoot a passenger with a crossbow. Vile weapons, I am glad that they are outlawed in Lannet. It is not like it takes a warrior’s skill to operate, any peasant can pick one up. Chaos erupts as some passengers dive for cover under the tables, while others arm themselves. At least some of these barbarians are willing to fight.

My superior skill in arms quickly overcomes two of the guards; although I do not remember engaging the other man. A large man in the robes of a monk picks up a table and throws it at two of the guards opposite my fight, unconventional, but effective. The last guard surrenders and claims that it was all the idea of the Captain of the Guard. Some of us decide to take the fight to the Captain who is supposed to be on the bridge. To get to the main section of the airship we must fight through more guards and cross an open walkway. It was on the walkway that I knew that I was on the correct path. A Kupo appeared and helped in the fight! Good luck indeed. The guards blocking the path were no match for our combined might. Once inside the main section, another good omen happened. A Foo dog pup of all things came up out of the cargo area and “anointed” me. We stormed the bridge and engaged the traitorous vermin. A terrible fight ensued. We advanced upon them, cutting down the cowardly foe. Finally the Captain joined the fray. We made short work of him, but not without cost. The large religious one lost a leg to a vicious cut of the Captains sword. Lucky for him we have one trained in the medical arts with us. Unlucky for us it seems the airship is headed straight for the ground!


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