Burden of a Heavy Heart

White-Steel Katana

weapon (melee)

+10 quality

Name Attack Damage Speed Req Str Primary Secondary Special Fort Break Pres AT Penalty
Burden +10 85 -20 7/8 Cut Impact 2-h 35 15 135 -2

Can damage Incorporeal

Only item that can permanently kill Degen


Forged of Shivet White-Steel on Lannet during the war with Yagarema, this katana was the last weapon forged by Goro Takenouchi, last of the great Belatin sword smiths.

Slightly longer than a standard katana, this weapon must be wielded with two hands. The blade is etched in standard Belatin fashion, with the lineage of the crafter in the etchings.

Ironwood hilt is polished to a lustrous sheen. The leather from the wrapping is unidentifiable but weeps a clear substance that gives the hilt a slight tackiness. The pommel stone hold a single uncut diamond.

This weapon was forged to slay the child slaying wraith, Degen. It’s blade was quenched in Goro’s heart, for he could not bear the pain of living without his daughter.

Burden of a Heavy Heart

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