Armor of Wayward Shepard

Relic of the Order of Saint Nonnatus


Counts as padded armor +10: Also grants the wearer +10% to leadership and he is considered to be training in this skill (ie: ignore the -30% for untrained in this skill)

Cut: 3 Impact: 3 Thrust: 3 Heat: 3 Elec: 4 Cold: 4 Ene: 2

Fortitude: 20 Presence: 75


These robes were worn by Nonnatus as he wandered the world of Gaia gathering his order to him. It is said to be blessed by the Archangel Azrael, who imbued it with the spirit of valour. The Order maintains that in times of great turmoil, Nonnatus blesses those who wear his robes with visions to guide the order.

Armor of Wayward Shepard

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