Vito Mancini


Standing slightly over six feet tall with flashing green eyes and unruly black hair, Vito is rarely seen without a bow or some other ranged implement of death. After the fight is over, Vito is often seen helping tend to the wounded with a combination of mundane and supernatural healing.


Prior to the war with Abel, Vito was a member of the Brothers of the Alliance. As the Azur Alliance pushed for war with Abel, Vito increasingly became disillusioned with Bellafonte and it’s various military orders. Upon leaving the Brothers of the Alliance, he found himself unwanted in Bellafonte due to his aptitude for the supernatural, slight as it may be.

Leaving Bellafonte behind, Vito hired on with a merchant caravan as a guard, which brought him to Kanon, to the Church of St. Bernabe…

Vito Mancini

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