Takeda Shingen "Taro"

Samurai Warrior who is now a Ronin.


Takeda Shingen was born in Kai Province in the year of the Tiger. He grew up following the “Way of the Warrior" – Bushido. He was trained in the House of Lord Shiba Yoshimasa, a wise and strong leader.

Shingen grew into a capable warrior. His peers gave him the title “Tiger of Kai” for his ferocity in battle. His non-battle skills took him out of the province for his lord on many occasions. It was on one of these trips that catastrophe struck.

Visiting foreigners acting under the guise of traders attacked Lord Shiba and his family while they slept. Survivors reported demons stalking the hallways on that night of death. Many of Lord Shiba’s samurai fell defending the castle but the demons proved too strong. The survivors committed seppuku for their failure.

Upon his return, Shingen almost joined his comrades, but instead put off his shame and vowed to avenge his lord. Once the cowards were destroyed, Takeda Shingen would address his responsibility to his Lord.

He now travels in the west, hunting for the foreigners who betrayed his Lord’s hospitality. As a Ronin, a leaderless warrior, he travels in unadorned armor and uses his childhood nickname of “Taro”.

Takeda Shingen "Taro"

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