Raphael du Basarac


Raphael is an eight-foot tall giant of man, due to the Jayán soul which resides within him. Other than his enormous stature, he appears otherwise human. He has golden eyes and a shaven head, and is frequently wearing the robes of the Order of Saint Nonnatus.

Raphael is a practitioner of ki techniques, and can look within himself to find external strength. Currently, he has mastered a technique known as Holy Demon, which allows him to strike with brutal strength and unerring accuracy.

Since their adventures began, Raphael has become a full-blooded Jayan, sprouting up to ten-feet tall and growing a pair of long, curving horns like those of a bull.



A nephilim Jayán, Raphael is a follower of Saint Nonnatus and serves The Dominion as a priest. His greatest goal has been to follow the literal footsteps of Abel by going on a pilgrimage through the places of Abel’s life, and, by doing so, grow closer to the Lord spiritually.

Raphael du Basarac

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