Anima - Into the Shadows

Vengeance Taken is Sweeter than Wine

After far too long dealing with ghosts, we were finally able to head up to the second level of the temple. A long flight of stairs was all that lay between us and the next part of our mission to return home. The disorientation that came with climbing the stairs was far more acute than usual. And that doesn’t even begin to describe the oddity when each of us entered the room at the top of the stairs from different points around the half-circle.

The top of the stairs held a room full of the smallest mirrors I have ever seen. We moved in to the room, only to be assaulted by Matthew Gaul and Rembrandt. Now, Archimus and Ophion claim we just attacked other members of our party, but I am still sure they must have been hallucinating. Regardless, Archimus soon discovered that destroying the mirrors would lessen the illusion that he and Ophion were seeing.

After making our way out of the room of mirrors, we turned a corner to find a long dark hallway with a statute to Mesigius at the end of the hallway. Before we could really get our bearings, lava started to seep into the hallway from the wall behind us. A we took off running down the hall, the wall exploded, sending chunks of wall and fiery hot lava flying down the hall. Tsura took a rock to the kidney and fell to the floor, obviously in pain. Taro quickly grabbed her and continued our run down the hall.

We tried several of the doors as we ran, but to no avail. As we stood at the end of the hall before the statue, the glint of gold in the pool at Mesigius’s feet caught my eye. With barely a pause, I jumped into the pool, emerging in the Redress of Balance.

It was obvious this room was free of the taint of Mesigius. The swords making up the walls indicated this was likely dedicated to the Queen of Swords. After some time of rest and recovery, we left and found ourselves in the Reliquary. The walls were made of some material that allowed us to see out into the surrounding halls, without allowing those outside to see in.

Recovering several different artifacts, we were interrupted by a loud thudding at the door. As we turned, we saw what could only be the other group of treasure hunters outside the door, attempting to break the door in.


Leketh CalvinKrug

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