Anima - Into the Shadows

Vengeance Taken

After Tsura’s transformation into a dragon and her visions of Narloth and Rembrandt, the Council decided that time was of the essence. We quickly returned to the Ghost and set out for Shivat.

While we were still miles off the coast, we got our first glimpse of the Implacable Tower of Iron, rising 600 feet into the air. The area almost shone with the residual magic from the spell that raised the iron tower up from the ground. As we closed in on the tower, we were able to see smaller rock spires just off the coast, rising almost as high as the tower itself.

With wyverns circling several thousand feet above the tower, we closed in. Soon it became evident that a man and a dragon were conversing atop the tower of iron. With a screech, Tsura grabbed Taro in one of her massive claws and began a dive toward the tower.

With a mild curse, I attempted to steer the Ghost after them, barely flying higher than the surrounding rock spires. As Tsura reached the tower, Taro leaped from her claws and rushed at Rembrandt, attempting to attack him with several savage attacks. Seeing Tsura land on the tower, Narloth turned his massive head toward Tsura and let out an earth shattering roar.

Meanwhile, back on the Ghost, things went from bad to worse. As we approached the tower, three dancers stepped out of Nowhere in our path and launched an attack, injuring Jericho. With the speed only a master of Ki could manage, Opheon lept off the Ghost and attacked one of the dancers. Hardly two breaths behind, Archimus and Jericho’s Blood Rose engaged the remaining dancers. Attempting to steady my zeonic rifle on the steering console of the Ghost, I fired shots at the dancers, missing badly.

With our attention fully on the dancers, the battle atop the iron tower rose to a fevered pitch. Taro and Rembrandt launched attack after attack at each other, trading blows and each wearing the other down. Tsura struck first blood with Narloth, breathing a bolt of electricity that pierced his shoulder. Narloth responded by tearing a gash down Tsura’s back. Back and forth, flying and twisting, the two mighty dragons fought.

Quickly it became apparent that our time in the past had been well spent. Opheon quickly loped an arm off the first dancer and quickly taking advantage of its slight distraction, also removed its head. While Archimus kept the second dancer engaged, Opheon was again able to take advantage of the distraction and this time managed to cleave it from shoulder to hip. The Blood Rose valiantly fought against the third dancer, only to be shunted from reality, a feeling I can never forget and one I would never wish on my worst enemy.

As things began to look up for us, fate smiled on us again. Narloth paused in his fight with Tsura, laughed, and asked her, “So, is this the way it is to be?” Then, in a move none of us were prepared for, he turned, opened his mouth, and the resulting blaze turned the twilight dimness into midday brightness. Tsura, shocked that she was not the target of the attack, could only watch in dismay as the flames engulfed The Ghost, Jericho, and myself.

Whether due to blind luck or some dark pact forged from an incantation, Jericho miraculously got off The Ghost unharmed. I was not so lucky. In my attempt to dodge out of the way of the incoming fire, my foot caught on one of the rigging ropes and I fell flat on my face. The heat of the fire was almost unbearable, but I quickly managed to get myself off the ship before it fell the 600 feet to the surf below. I could feel the skin on my neck, face, and head starting to crackle as the deep burns reacted to the sea air. Collapsing in pain atop one of the rock spires, I could only hope that the rest of the Council could finish this without my help.

Fortunately, at that time, Taro launched another of his flurry of attacks at Rembrandt, this time fully overcoming his defenses. As the last blow struck home, katana through Rembrandt’s heart, both Rembrandt and Narloth screamed and fell dead.

The next few days were a blur, my skin repaired as best as possible, but will always bear the scars of that fight. Woden arrived with our sky keep and worked to set up the iron tower as another base, albeit a less mobile base, for the Council.

With Rembrandt dead, vengeance was finally taken. The Council breathed a sigh of relief and was about to start some well needed rest and recreation, when Woden approached us…

To be continued???


Leketh CalvinKrug

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