Anima - Into the Shadows

The Sky is Falling

So there we were, standing thousands of feet underground, trying to catch our breath when the sky fell. Well, technically the roof fell, but that far underground, it may as well have been the sky.

We all took off running. Before we had run 15 feet, the ground shuddered and a large crack opened in front of us. Soren took a running jump, but forgot he was carrying a huge book. Luckily he was able to grab a hold of the edge of the crack. Taro and Tsura landed safely on the far side as I reached down and pulled Soren back up. With a quick word and gesture of my hands I infused myself with a supernatural ability to jump and easily landed on the other side. Soren managed to make it across and no sooner had we actually gotten out of the room when the entire roof collapsed, sending a spray of smoke out the doorway.

Without leaving us enough time to celebrate making it out before the roof collapsed, the ground shook again and the sky started falling again. We ran, dodging and weaving. At one point, I saw a huge rock hit the ground in front of me and split into two boulders. I dodged left to miss them, only to realize that there was a rather large stalagmite falling there. A searing pain in my leg and suddenly I was pinned to the ground through my thigh. Taro spun, drew his sword and without a word lifted it over his head.

Preparing myself for the pain of amputation, I closed my eyes. Surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had imagined. I felt two hands grab me and as I opened my eyes, I realized I still had my leg. Taro had cut through the rock and was now picking me up and continuing on! That’s one sword I plan to avoid.

Glancing around, I saw Soren bend over to pick up the unconscious form of Tsura. Turning Soren and Taro ran back toward the stairs. Just before we made it to the stairs, another large chasm was there in front of us. With another quick word and gesture, I infused Taro with supernatural ability to leap and get us across. Luckily both he and Soren were able to make it across with Tsura and I.

We finally made it back to the stairs, only slightly worse for the wear. Fully depleting my Zeon, I revived Tsura and patched up Soren a bit. Then began the long trek back up. It was still the middle of the day when we finally got there, so we waited until nightfall. Miranda and Anna were waiting for us. We gave them the necklace and they presented us with 300 gold coins each.

Later, Anna approached us with a completely different offer. She wants us to act as a deep cover unit in the Azur Alliance on behalf of Abel. I couldn’t wait to start. Finally the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to show the Azur Alliance how wrong they were to start this war with Abel. We went back to our rooms and and talked late into the night. Taro didn’t see the need for us to get involved in the war, but finally my superior arguments moved him to agree.

And so, we set off to war… Maybe the sky really did fall.


Leketh CalvinKrug

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