Anima - Into the Shadows

The Plot Thinkens

So they did it again. I don’t know when these guys will learn. Two unconscious and we didn’t even have a fight. Seriously. Oh and now a Praetorian shows up. Great, what next! I’ll tell you what next, I see Nozomi Kurayami! With a dark lantern. Seriously! How is that even possible!

Well we are headed to the Corensky estate; apparently that is where the missing guards are. I really hope this leads us to some helpful information.

And it’s not looking good, the City Watch has to open the gate for us, frost is on the hinges and locks, not good. Vito says this is what happens when someone is channeling negative wake. Definitely not good. The Praetorian decides it’s a good idea to open the front door and out comes… a thousand flies. The house resembles the alleyway where what was left of Quinn was found. And to make matters worse there is a cellar door on the end of the house covered in frost. I really don’t want to go down there.


Leketh Nupie85

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