Anima - Into the Shadows

So a Dancer, an Emmeth, an Oni and Marionette walk into a bar

As we gathered our hard earned treasure, we all noticed a banging at the wall behind us. The treasure hunters had come for there claims. Though we had never met them before, they had already seemed aggressive to us. When they finally broke through all was at a stand still. Archimus tried to talk it out, maybe find terms for us all to agree on, but Vito was sick of politics and decided to be a man of action drew his rifle and attacking the dancer. When the battle broke loose Tsura couldn’t it handle do to overwhelming fear, she said she would meet us back in the room of protection. They all were quick to act, Vito fired a shot that barely left a mark on the dancer. The dancer returned in kind doing a shard storm hitting all of us. These had left me in weakened state but luckily Bloodrose was able to help in my absence. While this happened the Oni had engaged with Archimus and seeing a enemy of his people Taro engaged him with Tetsuro leading the charge in what look like a crazed frenzy. Tetsuro jumped and clamped down on the Oni’s balls, while both the Bloodrose and Taro slashed away at him. The Emmeth noticed a enemy of Solomon or so he thought. What he saw was me and it engaged emergency protocol leaving it stuck in place but with a clear direction of where he was headed.

The battle seemed to last forever every move we made was met in kind by a harsher one. Though I must admit I did not see the marionette until its last seconds as it tried to run from Ophion’s fierce attacks, as it ran ophion jumped into the air landing down cutting through the wood and strings. It became clear to me as the dancer still took little damage but dealt massive amounts to us, that we had little chance against this foe, so I summoned my shield of the priestess and called the first of three favors from the Djinn. He appeared I gave the order, and I saw the strangest look on his face, Fear. He vanished then appeared behind the dancer,“i’m going to regret but if i come back that’s 1”. With the dancer gone, morale had drastically raised allowing us to focus on the other threats. The Oni fight was going well and while no damage showed on him it looked well for us as well. Then the Emmeth arrived and while I was able to block the first attack from this massive machine, the second one was to fast for me to stop, it pulped my right leg leaving little but mangled flesh behind. As I fell I noticed Vito barely up as the oni unleashed a fire-blast.

From the details the others gave me as I awoke from my coma and found myself in the safe room was that everything went well. The oni was demolished by Taro and Tetsura with the help of my bloodrose and Vito. While Archimus and Ophion “deactivated” the Emmeth. We all seemed to being growing healthier and as I look about I found out why, Vito devoted all his Zeon into forming a healing aura for all of us. My leg still mangled we found bits and peaces to make a splint and used a stick for a cane. We still had work to do so we climbed to the third floor making way to the exit. As we arrived going once again through the weird stairs. We found are selves in a room with the volcano directly under us venting what seemed to be a smoke that was corrosive to metal. Knowing this we knew we couldn’t stay long, and the as our eye’s adjusted we saw what was left of a battle field. We approached the only soldier left alive, and to our surprise it was Quinn’s female guard. She spoke of enemies trying to get through she tossed us a devise and said this would allow us to traverse Omega’s realm. Then she pleaded to be thrown into the volcano saying it was the only way to prevent her enemy from getting the advanced technology, and without hesitation Archimus grabbed her and through her over. Now we have one way to go with no clue on what to expect.


Leketh JacobZimmerman

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