Anima - Into the Shadows

Sea of Souls

Archimus Chrom, Praetorian of Solomon – Report to the Honorable Congress of Solomon on the activities of Senator Vito and his companion cadre.

I trust the previous report on the journey aboard Leviathan has reached you. This summary of our activities will be sent at the earliest opportunity.

After answering the riddles of the door guardian and entering the temple, we found ourselves in a courtyard. Long screams emanated from within the temple while the ground of the courtyard was covered in fog. Approaching us were four immense spectral figures, dragging chains between them. Attached to these chains was a specter of a man that the senator and his subordinates seemed to recognize as their former companion, Soren, who had perished in an act of heroism some weeks before. Words were exchanged between them that were not of any significance.

There were two doors leading out of the courtyard that would presumably lead us further into the temple. However, the doors were impenetrable, as they, like the beings we had just encountered, were ethereal. On the other side of the courtyard we located an aspisory, filling with holy water, yet never truly filling completely. One by one we tentatively reached our hands into the holy water and to our surprise became ethereal as well. The other consequence of this was that the doors, as well as the spectral figures now seemed solid. At this point I went to examine the chains binding Soren to the large figures. Upon touching the chain the four large figures became hostile and a short clash followed whereupon we emerged victorious without serious injury. In the process Soren was freed from the chains.

We found out from Soren that the creature known as “Omega, has had an undue influence upon the temple, specifically that there are priests here that have been corrupted to its service. Knowing that a group of plunderers had already made it past and that the temple in all likely-hood would not survive much longer we entered the door that the treasure seekers took, while Soren stayed behind. It was quite the sight.

The door opened into a nave filled with thousands upon thousands of trapped souls bound to the will of the one called “Mesegius”. We found much information from these damned beings. A large Djinn, who had crossed the priest to Mesegius, was bound at the far end of the nave. In exchange for three tasks, Jericho, the one who wears the face of our enemy, agreed to free him. It will be interesting to see what consequences follow from this. The easterner called “Taro” disappeared around this time. What he accomplished I cannot say. I will have to watch him closely. I spoke to the souls as well. A more complete report I will present in person, as I do not wish my writings to be discovered by the Senator or his underlings. I did however find that if we agreed to eliminate the treasure seekers the password to the third level will be told to us. I agreed. The password was incomplete though, only the words “Vengeance taken is”. Again, it will be interesting to discover the consequences of this. Through many unnecessarily cryptic and roundabout clues, the honorable Senator found the soul of the builder of the temple. The builder “Dain” bestowed much information on us. The temple was built to house the power of Mesegius. The third level holds a vestiari containing items of great power, while the second level contains a reliquary containing items of lesser power. He also said that the password to the fist level was located behind the altar in the nave and was found to be “blood calls out for vengeance”. At this point, Taro came back from wherever it was he disappeared to and began destroying parts of the nave, perhaps also in an attempt to find the password. Then, probably due to our intrusion, we were confronted by several other ghosts that proved to be hostile. We fought our way out and are now prepared to enter the temple proper. Hopefully I can find a way to send this and I shall continue to record our experiences for the honored Senate.

Long live Solomon,


Leketh s1ay3r

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