Anima - Into the Shadows

Pass o' Death

After our foray into the city we still had business to take care of at the Pass. We determined it would be best to capture the Colonel commanding the Azure garrison since he supposedly knew things on Ascension. So, when night fell we did just that. Raphael, made invisible by magics, was able to slip in and seize him. He apparently encounted beings inside the Colonels tent, but I’ll get to that later.

When the Colonel was securely… secure, we headed to Woden and the Abel army that was rabidly approaching the Pass. We reported to him and then went seperate ways. Vito, Nicholaas, and myself went with the army for the attack on the Pass. The battle went well… I think. I didn’t see the end of it. I’ll have to make a point to find that Azure bastard and pay him in kind for the headache with my blade in his belly.

As for the others, well, I don’t know where Raphael went, but when he came back he could speak, sort of. He has some kind of clockwork contraption for a throat now and it talks for him. Oddest thing. Tsura and Taro though, they went with the Colonel, to see what kind information they could squeeze out of him. I guess it didn’t go well. Apparently, something that we think is a creature called a “Dancer”, the same things Raphael met in the Colonels tent, somehow took the memories of anything dealing with Ascension out of him. They did find out that the Supreme Archon himself was giving the orders and how they’re keeping Ascension supplied by wagon. They also learned about a planned attack on the key Abel supply point at Alden. I guess these guys are also able to stay in contact with Ascension by some kind of magic boxes they found at Ascension, whatever it turns out to be. But that was pretty much it. With no new orders and with the Pass taken (so I guess it did go well), we decided to rest up and discuss our options the next day.

I’d like to tell you we slept peacefully and in the morning the war went on, but it wasn’t that easy. No, instead Taro decided we needed to consult with his favorite gal-pal, Seline. The next thing we knew we were back in the Tower of Corvenus. She didn’t really know what a Dancer was, but she thought they might live inbetween reality beyond creation. Creepy, I know, but it’s Seline, what did you expect? Those magic boxes, on the other hand, are probably some kind of Solomon Tech from way-back-when, which makes me nervous about what else the Azures are finding at Ascension. Than, as she’s apt to do, Seline did something really, really out there. She had, stored in her wall, like a knick-knack, a dream from the Supreme Archon himself, Matthew Gaul. She showed it to us. Well, it was more like we were in the dream seeing it happen. It was interesting to say the least. He was in Albino, capitol of Remo and he was walking down a street. Then, out of nowhere, Jace, that craszy Nephilim (as they all are) appeared. He told Gaul, “You don’t want to do this”, and “it’ll be the end of everything”. Gaul didn’t listen and instead went through a door with a sign above of a blacked out lantern. Then he came back through the door… with some of those Dancers with him. Fantastic. I guess we’re going to Remo.


Leketh s1ay3r

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