Anima - Into the Shadows

Jumping the Shark

We board the S.S. Leviathan under Captain Drogal, and make our way under the western sea to the Temple of Messegious. The Captain assures us that it will be an uneventful trip as the Leviathan is the most advanced ship of the line. I must confess that travelling under the water and not on top of it concerns me.

The Captain was correct in that the trip to the temple was uneventful. It’s when we reach the Temple that the shit hits the fan. First the volcano that was supposed to be inactive was spewing ash in great plumes. The magic bubble of protection around the temple had obviously been breached and is now in a weakened state. Not a very auspicious arrival, and then the Sea Serpents attack! I immediately jump into one of the small Attack subs, while Chrom, our erstwhile Praetorian, mans the other. After we reach attack speed we engage the beasts. They are tough bastards as our zeon weapons seem to have little effect on them. A quick change in tactics and we concentrate our fires on one target at a time. Vito and Ophion man the Leviathans main guns. Chrom’s sub takes damage, as a serpent grabs it in its demon spawned tentacles. Vito quietly waits and aims for the unprotected gullet of a beast. His aim is true and the beast shudders and dies. Ophion scores a critical hit killing another. We quickly gang up on the others. The battle over, we survey the damage to our craft. The Leviathan had taken damage, but can make it to the temple. We start to make our way there, when a great cyclopean shark attacks out of the dark! Gods! It’s almost as big as the Leviathan! Its great tooth filled maw closes on the Leviathan. The sound, heightened by the sea, sounds like nails on a chalk board inside a tin can. (GM quote) After scoring a hit on its hide the great white turns to swallow my small craft. Trusting in my ancestors, I hit the accelerator and fly down its gullet. As it closes its mouth, I somehow avoid being bitten in two. I hit the triggers and follow the damage right out its anus. I don’t know if I can ever eat sushi again.

We dock with the Temple of Messegious. Everything is wet and covered in slime. The weakened dome is letting sea water seep in. We do not have much time. We notice that we are not alone as there is another small undersea craft sitting in the courtyard. Its crude structure is obviously not from Solomon. We approach the Demon Gate that guards the entrance into the Temple proper. It informs us that we must answer three riddles before we can be granted access to the Temple. (Not to worry there are no questions about coconut laden swallows.) We easily answer all three riddles as the Demon begs to be released. It seems to have been trapped and bound to the gate for millennia.

The gate opens… if only Soren could be here to help guide us.


Leketh Taro

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