Anima - Into the Shadows

It's a Trap!

We were camped in the ruins of Bastel, living more comfortably behind enemy lines than the lower classes of our own countries, whiling away the time until orders came through. The ruins are supposedly haunted, but the general feelings of creeping dread helped assure that the more specific dangers of an enemy attack could be avoided; only fools and madmen would visit such a place.
After a time, we were instructed by Wodin to meet with a group of insurrectionists at the Nephilim’s Soul in Waldemar. We had been prepared to go for some time, so we were able to leave later that evening.
We landed outside Waldemar and continued into the walled city on foot. Truthfully, “walled” does little to describe the jutting stone teeth that have encircled the town, and the blatant use of magic that must have created it is, it would seem, largely ignored (or thought unimportant) by the populace. Once in the city, the group immediately set about finding bath houses, and, having cleaned, began to ply the trades more familiar to them than espionage (and the associated month-long camping trip in a suburb of the underworld). Nicolaas found a significant sum of gold pieces carelessly left in a register, Tsura haggled with a member of the Black Sun regarding ways to 1.) purchase non-cursed items and 2.) get rid of the cursed item she already has. She paid for the rumor of a place where the latter could be accomplished, and was offered freelance work for the Sun hunting down “wanted” individuals. (The proprietor only being so forward with offers to hunt human beings because asking someone for artifacts that hold Zeion in Anima is kind of like asking the owner of a pawn shop with known mafia connections, point-blank, if he has any untraceable handguns. Yes? I’m still a little unclear about how criminal magic use may be from place to place…)
The group eventually made it to the Nephilim’s Soul, Taro wisely choosing to wait outside. Inside, the group was briefly reacquainted with a man that at least Soren seemed to know. Rosa introduced herself, and discussions began, her asking for help in exchange for access to a network of rebels. The conversation lasted for a little over a minute before the building was assaulted by snipers from an adjacent rooftop and more crossbowmen that came in from the street. Taro followed them up, and a melee broke out. The men Rosa came with were killed as were the attackers in the building (By table legs, arrows, and a really scary Fu dog. Rosa told the group that they must have a mole in their organization (since she alone knew of the meeting place), and even as the group scattered to escape the city, an airship high above shined spotlights down on the building. Nicolaas surrounded the ship in darkness to buy some time for them to move without light. Raphael and Soren swung from the window of the N.S. on rope to a neighboring building while everyone else made for the street.
The question remains, if it was known that the group would meet where it did, what’s to say that returning to the airship is any safer?

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