Anima - Into the Shadows

I always wanted to fight a dragon...

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already since we got here. Half a year of recuperation and travel aboard Ascension. The Senator was able to gain control of it after he disabled it… or rather, the Vito with us was able to control Ascension after the Vito from the past… or rather, what they perceive as the past disabled it in order to thwart some kind of evil scheme… but that Vito is in actuality still here… in the present… and we can’t rescue him and the others past/still kind of present selves from the apparently horrific prison they’re being held in because that would mean that everything that happened… or will happen… wouldn’t… or won’t, right? So then we wouldn’t meet… which I would be kind of okay with, because that would mean I would never come this primitive hole of an era. It’s rather depressing and confusing and I don’t wish to spend any more time trying to figure it out.

It seems though that our time of rest is over. Out of nowhere, two fast moving airships raced in. At first we were thinking combat, but it soon became apparent that the others knew of these craft and those aboard them. A great bear of man, Woden they called him, was at the forefront along with a group of soldiers my companions have served with. They seemed overjoyed to see us, especially Woden. Also with them, to my surprise, was Jace, who I last saw in Solomon when I met Senator Vito. He seems… changed.

After introductions and reminiscences were made, Jace presented Taro with a cipher from someone named Dr. Gregory, a name the others rolled their eyes at. The cipher was a message to meet Dr. Gregory at a city called Ilion, at a place called the Stag. An enemy of Taro’s, a man called Rembrandt, was spotted there. At seeing that name it was decided, rather suddenly, that we would comply with the message and meet the doctor.

We docked Ascension at the island of Corvinus and left it in the care of an absolutely disturbing young girl known to the rest of companions as Selene, as taking the airships was decided to be entirely more subtle. We swiftly made our way to Ilion, a desert city serving as a gateway to a holy war taking place in a nation called Kushistan. We found the Stag and met Dr. Gregory. From the others I understood that he was far gaunter then the last time they encountered them. He also was extremely frightened. He recounted how he was captured by Rembrandt and tortured for information. He then presented Taro with the last invention he created, a strange device with a single button upon it. I will not be nearby when Taro decides to find out what the button does.

Suddenly, flames engulfed Dr. Gregory, killing him instantly. The assassins, an organization that calls itself the Order of the Dying Light, scattered throughout the city and as-per-usual, we gave chase. Much chaos ensued and many of the Order died by our hand as we hounded them throughout the city. Along the way, we somehow gained the aide of two groups of the city militia. In addition, we had a run in with a curious group of individuals calling themselves the Inquisition. It was quite a show. They were swiftly dealt with. Finally, we cornered the last of the assassins and through the tremors that were racking the city, they suddenly raised their weapons and cut their own throats. At this, the tremors increased drastically and before our eyes, dragons appeared, bursting out of the ground around us. I always wanted to fight a dragon…


Leketh s1ay3r

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